Relationships, whether with a partner, friends, family, or colleagues, are a vital part of life, and often directly impact how we feel and think about ourselves. When our relationships thrive, we feel happy and fulfilled. When they don’t, we may feel lonely, lack confidence, and feel insignificant.


Anxiety, loss, and trauma can interfere with our ability to develop, maintain, or deepen our relationships. These concerns can also interfere with our natural playfulness, and our capacity to realize our hopes and dreams.


If you are struggling with anxiety, loss, or trauma, or are having difficulty with a relationship, therapy can be an extremely effective resource. For more information on how psychotherapy can help, or to schedule an appointment, please call me at (212) 262-9041, send me a text at (404) 500-9041, or email me at marni.rosner@gmail.com.


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