A diagnosis of infertility is truly heartbreaking. After the initial shock and devastation, intense emotions may arise that alternate between rage, grief, jealousy, and denial. These emotions can be quite overwhelming, and it is often difficult to get the support one needs from family and friends.┬áRegardless of the diagnosis – high FSH, multiple miscarriages, an issue with sperm, etc. – infertility is an unpredictable life crisis.


Questions that may arise include:

  • How do I manage well-meaning but insensitive friends and family?
  • How do I handle social situations, especially where there will be many children or pregnant women? Is not going an option?
  • Is a donor egg or sperm an option? What about a surrogate? Should we consider adoption?
  • What if we disagree about when to stop treatment?
  • What if I never get pregnant? Will our relationship survive? Will we ever be the same?

Therapy can help sort out some of the concerns that arise during this period, assist in making sense of some of the more complex emotional issues that may occur, and provide a place to safely share all your anxieties, fears, and thoughts. For more information on how psychotherapy can help, or to schedule an appointment, please call me at (212) 262-9041, or email me at

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